How about you come fishing with me and I pick up the tab? 

I am willing if you are – in a vicarious sort of way.

Fly fishing for Catskill trout and in the Adirondack mountains with their Ausable River. The Delaware of course, along with a bit of Montana; New Mexico’s San Juan and a few Colorado gems. All for free, and if that isn’t enough, I will throw in some of those saltwater stripers and blues I love so much – and more!

It is all in Letters to Mack.


The first in the trilogy and full of stories that took place before I had a blog, Letters to Mack is an easy read with lots of tips and hints at some of my favorite spots. It is available through for free from today through the 30th. 

Just click here…before December 30th. Oops – sorry you missed the promo – it is always available on Amazon in both digital and print – just click the link. 

I promise no tricks or gimmicks – just sharing the love to help you get through this winter.

Took the Caddis Pupa
Took the Caddis Pupa


See you on the river!

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