Reading Room

Atlantic Salmon & Hockey?

It is June and the Stanley Cup is underway. At the same time, the Atlantic Salmon have begun to enter the rivers of Eastern Canada. What is the common denominator? Jim Lorentz! He has a Stanley Cup to his credit and has spent his life fishing for Atlantic Salmon. ... Read More

New resource for vintage fly fishing tackle

A new resource from an old friend! A Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Classic and Contemporary Flyfishing Tackle and Accessories; A reference for collectors, flyfishermen and pickers Whew! That’s a lot of title. I own a few books and catalogs that give me a view into the world that once was ... Read More

Romano’s books just keep getting better!

There are plenty of you who read the mass market writers, you know the ones. Tale after tale, well written but usually just more of the same. Distributed to every nook and cranny before the ink is dry. I read them too. What I really enjoy though, are the independent ... Read More

Where to catch Trout on Long Island

Long Island Trout Unlimited has been producing a stream guide to our spring creeks for many years. This is the 3rd edition and has been updated with additional rivers, more detailed information on where to fish, a little history, and even QR codes to make it easy for you to ... Read More

Holy Water

Some of us are just attracted to water more than others. I have been that way for as long as I can remember. The puddles in the unfinished streets after a rainstorm were oceans to me. Later the sumps or recharge basins as they were properly known. Then the lakes, ... Read More

Recent Reads & Friends

You can read the story of my favorite fly in this exciting new book - America’s Favorite Flies. With 656 pages and 1,700 images, featuring the favorite flies of 245 fly fishers, this hard covered first edition is truly an amazing book. Surely collectible with color photos, beautiful art work, ... Read More

Who and How Books

A. K. Best - Fly Tying with A. K., (2008), Stackpole Books (How to). Hoagy Carmichael - Side Casts by Hoagy Carmichael A Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod - in which Hoagy details Everett Garrison's rod making. George Daniels - Dynamic Nymphing. Clearly written and ... Read More

Where to go

Fly Fishing Long Island By Angelo Peluso, (2007) Countryman Press.Fresh water and Salt from NYC to the Points of Montauk and Orient - and everything in between. * Long Island's Best Freshwater Fishing By Tom Schlichter (2004), Jostens Printing and Publishing.This is the single most comprehensive guide to every stream, ... Read More

Contemporary Writers

Bannerot, Longsworth & Rock - Firsts: An Anthology of Angling Experiences, (2008), CFFCM (Stories). Christopher Camuto - A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge, (1990), Henry Holt & Co. (Stories). John Cole - Tarpon Quest, (1991), Lyons & Burford (Stories). Richard Dokey - Pale Morning Dun, (2004), U. of Michigan Press (Stories) ... Read More


I like some authors who write more than fishing books, although some of them were fishermen. Take a look: Paul Hyde Bonner - The Glorious Mornings, Stories on Shooting and Fishing, (1954), Scribners; Hotel Talleyrand, (1953) Scribners; With Both Eyes Open, (1956) Scribners; SPQR, (1952), Scribners. Jack Finney - Time ... Read More