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Every fly fisher has a favorite fly, right? 

Every fly fisher has a favorite fly, right? 

When David contacted me to ask what mine was I didn't have to think for very long. I answered him immediately - and then began to have second thoughts, and third and fourth. There has to be more than one! Given the time of year, the location, the situation and ... Read More
Summer Reads - Part 2

Summer Reads – Part 2

John Gierach is, from what I can figure, just like you and me.  Sure, he has the storyteller’s gift and uses it well in the cause of fly fishing, if that can be a cause, but I think he is just a regular guy.  There are those who envy his ... Read More
History of the Connetquot River

History of the Connetquot River

One Little River, The Story of the Connetquot River: Millionaire-Sportsmen’s Paradise; by Robert Graham Giffen, 2016 (Shires Press) I am a history buff, especially Long Island Gold Coast history. It all started with F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and then E.L. Doctorow’s Loon Lake – actually it was before ... Read More
Summer Reading

Summer Reading

July 7 - Northport Sure I am still fishing, both salt and fresh, but Summer is a great time to step back from it all - get in the hammock or plop down in a lawn chair and bury yourself in a good book. It's like a "stay-cation." You can ... Read More
New in the Reading Room!

New in the Reading Room!

There are so many new books out each year on fly fishing (and fishing in general) but most of them, the vast majority it seems, want to tell you where to fish or how to nymph, spey or dap - all good you understand, but where are the fishing stories? Where ... Read More
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My good friend and childhood fishing partner, Dave O’Connell, just published his first book:  Potage, A Cook’s Primer. I love the book (and Dave) and want to let all of you out there know about it. It's about much more than soup, so please read on. I had to think ... Read More
Art Flick - Catskill Legend

Vintage Authors: Art Flick

Art Flick, Catskill Legend – A Remembrance of His Life and Times by Roger Keckeissen, Published 2014 by Clark City Press, 197 pages with photos. He ran an Inn in West Kill, NY near the Schoharie. A fisherman’s Inn – fly fishers that is; grouse hunters too. The elite of the fishing ... Read More
Anglers-All by-John-Taintor-Foote

Vintage Authors: John Taintor Foote

I love books, especially old ones about the fishing life. Here is one whose work is thoroughly enjoyable and humorous, capturing the complexities of balancing relationships and our favorite sport. John Taintor Foote was an artist and author turned Hollywood screenplay writer.  Born in Leadville, Colorado, he moved to New York City ... Read More

Salmon Fishing In Russia – Lee Hartman

Renowned guide and world-wide fisherman, Lee Hartman, is available to present How Russia opened the Kola Peninsula, Siberia & Kamchatka to Salmon Fishing for sport and his book: Trails in a Wild Frontier. Invite him to your group's meeting to hear this amazing story of how he and his associates ... Read More