Vintage Books on Fly Fishing

I love old books and have a few…  (the links may not always work due to the age of the books but you can always search for them.) 


Trout by Ray Bergman, (1938, 1976), Knopf.


Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks, (1958), Outdoor Life.


Fur, Feathers and Steel by Reuben R. Cross, (1940) Dood, Mead & Co.


A Wedding-Gift by-John-Taintor-Foote

A Wedding Gift by John Taintor Foote, (1924), Appleton & Co. and Anglers All, 1947, D. Appleton and Company, (Appleton Century)  

New Streamside Guide by Art Flick, (1969), Crown.

Streamside Guide by Art Flick, (1947), Putnam.


This Wonderful World of Trout by Charles K. Fox, (1963, 1971), Freshet Press.


The Dry Fly and Fast Water by  George M. L. La Branch, (1914), Scribners.


Dana Lamb – One of my Favorites –

On Trout Streams and Salmon Rivers by Dana Lamb (1963)

Bright Salmon and Brown Trout, (1964);

Woodsmoke and Watercress, (1965);

Not Far from the River, (1967);

Some Silent Places , (1969);

Greenhighlanders and Pink Ladies, (1971);

Where the Pools are Bright and Deep, (1973);

Beneath the Rising Mist, (1979);

The Fishing’s Only Part of It, (1982).


Fishing Behind the Eight Ball by Harlan Major, (1952), Telegraph Press.


In the Ring of the Rise by Vincent Marino, (1976), Crown Publishing.


The Practical Fly Fisherman by A. J. McClane, (1953, 1975), Prentice-Hall.


Fishing with McClane by George Reiger (Ed.), (1975), Prentice-Hall.


Fly-Tying by Helen Shaw, (1963) Ronald Press.


Fishless Days, Angling Nights by Sparse Grey Hackle (aka Alfred Miller), (1971), Crown Publishers.


Trout Madness by Robert Traver (aka John Voelker), (1960), St. Martins Press; Trout Magic, (1974), Crown Publishers.


Fisherman’s Luck by Henry Van Dyke, (1901), Scribner.