Where to go

Fly Fishing Long Island    By Angelo Peluso, (2007) Countryman Press.
Fresh water and Salt from NYC to the Points of Montauk and Orient – and everything in between. 
Long Island’s Best Freshwater Fishing      By Tom Schlichter (2004), Jostens Printing and Publishing.
This is the single most comprehensive guide to every stream, lake and puddle that hold fish on Long Island.  Kudos to Tom for a great job.   
Trout Fishing on Long Island
The Long Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited has a great web site with lots of information.  If you click on the top menu item: Fishing you will find notes and even maps of the trout streams.  While you are on the site, why not join up! 
Austin M. Francis – Catskill Rivers, Birthplace of American Fly Fishing, (1983), Nick Lyons Books/Winchester (History); Land of Little Rivers, A Story in Photos of Catskill Fly Fishing, (1999), Beaverkill Press (History).*


A Fly Fisherman’s Guide to Catskill Coldwater Streams and Ponds

By fly fisherman John Mordock, (2008), Marson Publications/Hidden River Books. The most thorough guide to the Catskills I have come across with photos and an index.


A Guide to Fishing the Farmington River

By the Farmington River Anglers Association, (1995). Available at local fly shops such as  Upcountry Sportfishing. A wonderfully illustrated and well written history and guide to this great Connecticut river.


Fran Betters’ Ausable River Guide

A half century of Fran’s experience on the river. Published 1999, Adirondack Sport Publications.


The Montana Angling Guide

By Chuck Fothergill and Bob Sterling, (2002), Stream-Stalker Publishing. I love this book! I bring it with me every time I go to Montana and have marked all my past travels on its pages.  It has river maps, descriptions, resources and more.


Lee Hartman – 

Trails in a Wild Frontier: Kola Peninsula – Siberia – Kamchatka, (2014), Self Published – By Lee Hartman – The story of how salmon fishing in Russia was opened to the world of fly fishers.


Rick & Jerry Kustich

Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, (1999), West River Publishing (History/How to).

Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead,  Rick Kustich, (2013), Headwaters Books/Stackpole Books.


Ed Van Put

The Beaverkill, (1996), Lyons & Burford (History).


Leonard M. Wright,

Neversink (1991) Atlantic Monthly Press. The whole story.