A Cast in the Woods

A Cast in the Woods is a new book by Stephen Sautner, author of Fish On Fish Off (find it in the Reading Room). I have a kinship with Stephen, even though we have yet to meet.  We love similar things including fly fishing, although he is more of a shad fisher than I am, and he actually has a cabin in the woods while I am still just dreaming of one. 

This, his latest book, has a camouflaged title. As the title tells us, the book is about casting in the woods, fly fishing, fracking and floods, but the heart of the book, for me, is the cabin.

Reading Sautner is being invited to sit on his porch and being a part of his life, a neighbor, a friend. Good stories of adventures, threats and disasters are well told. He surprises as he brings you into his world.

I share his concerns for the outdoor world and enjoyed his interpretations of the bird songs he hears while walking the woods.  Walden comes to mind, but he is light on philosophy and heavy on life, neighbors, big water and little, as well as just how to rid your woodland retreat of mice, at least for a while. 

It is an enjoyable ramble, well written, entertaining and informative. I may never get my cabin in the woods, but now at least I can dream of it more vividly.

Give it a try A Cast in the Woods by Stephen Sautner (2018) Lyons Press.