A clarification and some fishing

June 16, 2020

I announced no more fishing log or other posts on the website. 

That may not be 100% true.  I just won’t be promoting them on various Facebook group pages, seeking clicks. The number of clicks to the website at this time is over 78,000.  That’s a lot, for me anyway.  

Interestingly, I don’t get many Facebook “liker’s.”  On my own club’s page I may get 50 lookers and very few, if any clickers, resulting in a couple of readers and fewer liker’s (outside of a few close friends).  So what’s the point, right?

Besides, I have not been fishing since the time with Joe in the previous post.  No Catskill trips this year, so far. The virus still a threat although I probably could out maneuver it on a trip or two upstate. Just not motivated. Result is nothing to write about.

I have not cast a line on the beach either. I had Paul of RiverBay send me a stripping basket so I could walk the Sand City shore – just before they decided to enforce the no trespassing policy and put up the snow fence to keep us out.  Just not up to fighting this stuff anymore. 

Another wall

My older son Tom and I may get out on his boat later depending on the weather.  I am looking forward to the time with him but my heart is just not into the fishing.  I did throw some fluke tackle in a bag.  We’ll see what happens.

Tom calls at 4, the thunder storms predicted seem to be staying to the south so it is a “go.”  I meet him at the LILCO ramp and we head for a spot he found that holds fluke.  We drift it as 5 other boats come over to try it as well.  He was first to hook up with a sea robin and he also had a bunch of short hits. 

My rig was a double bucktail from Rob Thompson.  Tom suggested I change to one like his since it has been working for him but I explained that I only want to catch big fish, with a chuckle. Then I have two sea robins, one is a big one.  His rig is a white spinner fluke fly with some white gulp.  He hit 3 or 4 more fluke, all shorts, and one huge Porgy.

We then drifted, ate PBJ’s, and talked.

Big Porgy

Some birds were active and later blues came up to hit the bait school they were following. It was so quick it made no sense to chase them, but it was good to see them none the less. I snagged my rig on a lobster pot and tried to free it, then to break it off.  Braid is tough! Had to cut it but not before putting a lot of stress on the shoulder.  I figured I would pay for it in the morning. (Fortunately, I was fine – maybe the stress on the muscle is just what it needed.) After that we headed over to look at the birds, the blues long gone, then called it a day.


Hunter came down to help pull the boat.  It is nice to be with them.  I had a nice time.

I am 73 today and I am sure I will be posting a few more stories, like the ones above, just not pushing them. Those who follow the website will find them. I am thinking about sending an email to those who were kind enough to subscribe to the website when I do post something. Most important to me is being able to have the experiences, the time on the water with family and friends.

Enjoying writing about them is enough.