A good time was had by all

I am stoked!

The Fly Fishing Show at Somerset was a great show.  It had so much to offer. I met a fellow from Southern California named Bill who was attending because he said this show has more fishing authors than all the west coast shows combined. He was getting his library signed over the course of the weekend. Another fellow from Wisconsin sat for lunch with me who was visiting his kids on Staten Island, and then there was a fellow from my home town with whom I have mutual acquaintances, but never fished with – yet.

I stopped by to see Tim & Joanne Linehan of Fish Montana, who I fished with in Northwest Montana a few years back. Fishy Fullum was there and almost sold out his art by Saturday afternoon. West Branch Anglers was there with comfortable couches to sit on while talking about plans for the spring. Dan from Riverside Lodge was cruising the aisles.

Dave Foley had his collectible books and a few bargains as well. Rob Romano showcased his newest novel Brook Trout Blues which continues the saga of Sal and the gang from Maine. Jerry Kustich, once again an easterner, was signing Wisps in the Wind and Around the Next Bend and telling of those Maryland stripers.

Peter Nilsen reminded me to keep the fun in fishing with a copy of his book Fish Foolishness and Henry Ramsay and I talked of sulfurs on the Little Juniata.

Lee Hartman had his book on fishing Russia: Trails in a Wild Frontier available. So many fly tiers and shops.  Joe Odierna was able to find that elusive dubbing that he makes his Joe-Stacks with and Mike Parody got to try on some new boots.

Long Island Flyrodders sold a bunch of raffle tickets for that box of flies and the Project Healing Waters crew was there in force with Lefty Kreh signing autographs and taking selfies in their booth.

And Captain Rob Thompson and I were reminiscing on our Hallock Bay adventure.


Jerry Kustich

Lee Hartman

Lee Hartman

Fishy-Fullum at Somerset

Fishy Fullum at Somerset


Dave-Foley at Somerset
Dave Foley at Somerset


Fish Foolishness-by-Peter Nilsen
Fish Foolishness by Peter Nilsen


Capt. Rob Thompson who helped me catch my first Striper on a fly as noted in Letters to Mack 2


Lefty Kreh


West Branch Angler Resort
West Branch Angler Resort


Tim & Joanne-Linehan of fishmontana.com
Tim & Joanne Linehan of fishmontana.com


Author's-Booth Schedule
Author’s Booth Schedule


Tom's How to Fly Fish for Trout
Tom’s How to Fly Fish for Trout


Long Island Flyrodders
Long Island Flyrodders

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Now its time to start getting that tackle ready. Connectquot River State Park opens to trout fishing today and the first ever Long Island Fly Fishing Expo is coming on March 19th.


Long-Island Fly Fishing Expo
Long Island Fly Fishing Expo

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