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Tom McCoy
Tom McCoy

Lucky to get out of high school and more fortunate to have met the love of my life in 1967, I never would have guessed that I would be reading books, never mind writing them. Burdened with an undiagnosed learning disability that suppressed my ability to demonstrate who I was, or what I could do, I learned how to work, how to overcome, how to survive. Motivated by a family built around my wife and two sons, I found my way. I managed to go to college after the service, to compensate for my late start, to complete my education with a Masters in Science and become a professional in the public health field.

I collected accomplishments and moved along the continuum, becoming a division executive in a Fortune 50 organization before I was 40. What a ride. The next two and a half decades were a combination of peak experiences and crushing disappointments, which I survived with the love of my family, the respite I found on cold mountain streams in the company of trout, and a little help from my friends.

I am not a novelist or short story writer but a teller of stories. True stories. In retirement I have found the time to reflect on all I have experienced, to review the journals and binders filled with notes and letters. To polish, (but not too much), the book for beginners: How to Fly Fish for Trout, which I wrote years earlier. To organize and edit letters to a friend into a series of three books titled Letters to Mack. And other books, more personal than publishable.

I am grateful for the self-publishing outlets we have today as I could not get the attention of the traditional publishers. I hope you enjoy my work.

If you have any questions or comments on the website, the books, or anything else, please go to Drop me a line and let me know.  I also do local presentations (libraries, clubs) on How to Fly Fish for Trout  as well as on various fishing travelogues. I have even been known to take a newbie out on the stream for a very informal lesson. I’d love to hear from you. 

I live  in Northport NY near the Long Island Sound (and all those stripers) with my wife of many years, and Otto, the poodle.  My sons and their families, including 3 grandchildren, are within reach – which makes me about as lucky a guy as you are destined to meet.