About Tom

On the Los PiƱos River near Durango, CO

Introduced to fishing and trout before I was 10,

I am no expert.  I just enjoy it and all that it brings with it from friends to literature to beautiful places and now-a-days, memories. 

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park at Buffalo Ford

I am not a novelist

…or short story writer but a teller of stories. True stories. In retirement I have found the time to reflect on all I have experienced, to review the journals and binders filled with notes and letters. To polish (but not too much) the book for beginners: How to Fly Fish for Trout, which I wrote years earlier (it has since sold over 5000 copies). To organize and edit letters to a friend into a series of three books titled Letters to Mack. My latest is How to Improve Your Fly Fishing & Catching.

Tom’s Books

In addition to the books I have a website since 2015 on which I have been writing a blog, doing book reviews, listing resources well as photos of fish and friends. Tomsfishingstories.com (which is where you are if you are reading this). There are over 380 posts on how and where to fish and it has had over 97,000 hits. The site will be retired at the end of the 2021 fishing season. 

There is also a YouTube Channel with fishing videos, at least one presentation, mini tours of trout waters and flies, saltwater blitzes and even a tarpon on a fly along with some skeet shooting and other things of interest to outdoors folks. Please visit and, if you like it, subscribe. Click here. 

A Montauk Albie on a fly


Cattagaragus Brown


First Tarpon on a fly

Recently I was on a committee of LITU which updated their fishing guide: Trout Fishing Long Island’s Spring Creeks and I have written other books, essays and articles, some more personal than publishable.

Go to longislandtu.org and get your copy

I am honored to be included in the beautiful book America’s Favorite Flies

I am grateful for the self-publishing outlets we have today as I could not get the attention of the traditional publishers. I hope you enjoy my work.

My largest Long Island Trout

I live  near the Long Island Sound (and all those stripers) with my wife of many years.  My sons and their families, including 3 grandchildren, are within reach – which makes me about as lucky a guy as you are destined to meet.