An armchair road trip of a life time for me!

Storied Waters

Not often do you run into a guy who can trigger so many memories while offering a fantasy trip of a life time to a guy like me. David Van Wie has done just that in his 2019 book Storied Waters published by Stackpole Books. 

A friend, Michael Barger, had met David at The Fly Fishing Show and purchased his book.  He suggested, based on a post I did on my winter reading, that I might enjoy it. 

I looked it up, read the description and ordered it before even reading the reviews.

Imagine being invited to fish Voelker’s famed Frenchman’s Pond in Michigan and incorporating waters fished by Thoreau, Aldo Leopold and Hemingway along the way.  To fish where Theodore Gordon wet a line as well as Marinaro and Joe Brooks. To fish the Au Sable and the Ausable on the same excursion. And there is more:  The Battenkill and the Connecticut, as well as the great northeastern forest waters. Take a look:

He does it in 6 weeks, in the spring, and talks of those who came before and meets with those who are there now, fishing the whole way. Oh, to take such a trip – talk about a bucket list!

David even offers information on how to get to most of these places and how to fish them. It was, for me, a great read and has filled my head with thoughts of what I am going to do once this pandemic is behind us. It also has me pulling books off the shelves to read again.  Thanks David. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Click here to pick up a copy.