Another convert

October 15, 2020 – Thursday

Tim and I are fishing Connetquot today.

Chuck may join us as well. In the parking lot I run into John Fischer and Jerry, his partner for the day.  Good to see him as its been a while. Tim pulls in and I introduce everyone. They head down stream. 

Tim and I talk of what beats we prefer. He would like to see the upper river which he fished with his brother Kip many years ago but he also wants to fish by Rainbow Bridge and maybe hit some water below the hatchery as well. 

I express my opinion, leaving plenty of room for him to decide: We only have 4 hours.  If we walk up to Bunces Bridge and back down, that will pretty much be the day.  I suggest we focus on one piece of water or on the walk, but probably not both. There will be more fish downstream than up.

He chooses the walk to 30

…although he has a hard time walking away from risers on 20. It was fate that we were to fish up river anyway as he had number 12 in terms of 12th in line, 12th to select a site.  The downstream sites are already taken.  None of the upper river beats are. He takes 21 and I take 27 with the idea that we will walk it together.

He knows there will be less fish

…and more difficult fishing in general with the trees and brush, no wading allowed and a narrow, clear stream. As we walk we see a few fish.  More on 27 than below but some throughout. He asks how far to the bridge and I guess at the distance.  Its past lunch time and there is a bench we can sit on once at the bridge.  We keep stopping along the way to test the water and survey the potential. I think I hear his stomach growling.

Tim working his stealth on the upper river

After we eat he walks with me

…to 29 and 30 but quickly heads back to where he wants to fish.  27 to start.  Tim has only recently picked up fly fishing but is doing well with more than a few fish to his credit.

I strike out on 30 and 29 only to see a solitary rise once I am on the bridge looking upstream.  One rise. I cross over and fish from the platform as he is on the one below.  He is releasing a fish the easy way and is smiling.  I float a dry in the sluice and have two or three misses, then a good take.  Nice rainbow. 

Rainbow by the bridge on a dry

Tim is moving down so I take his spot.  Nothing. I put on a Usual.  Nope. I follow him.  He is working all the likely pools and has had some hits. He keeps saying he wants to get back to those risers on 20 but somehow gets waylaid into working this beautiful water. 

The ant is working for him and he is casting it well given the long rod and narrow stream. I am impressed.  We hop scotch each other.  I look up and his rod is bent. “It’s a whooper!” I put down my rod and run with the net.  It is a whooper!

The only thing bigger than the fish is the smile on his face. 

A Whooper!

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