April 1st – Opening Day for Trout

With the winter we have had I think the season is going to be about a month behind. It is never all that good on April 1st, no matter what the preceding winter bestowed.  I think it is the original April Fools joke that we open today. I saw a fellow and some kids on the stocked ponds as I drove to the rail road station this morning. Good for them!

I spent the day in the City at the Anglers Club of New York, invited by Jim Cox of the Western Rivers Conservancy who was presenting their good work on the John Day River in Oregon to the membership. It was my first time in the Club and I was immediately drawn to the bookshelves and fly boxes.  The first flies I found were none other than the Halford flies sent to Theodore Gordon (see photo). Amazing.

Joe was up in Albany for some business and stopped by the Esopus to check it out.  He reported it running full but clear – and cold. He worked a few well weighed nymphs through the afternoon but no one was home.

I was reading the CFFCM newsletter which has installments of letters from Theodore Gordon to Roy Steenrod.  In this series TG remarks on April 21, 1915 that “…the trout were finally beginning to rise…” so things haven’t changed all that much.

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