Atlantic Salmon & Hockey?

It is June and the Stanley Cup is underway. At the same time, the Atlantic Salmon have begun to enter the rivers of Eastern Canada.  What is the common denominator?

Jim Lorentz! He has a Stanley Cup to his credit and has spent his life fishing for Atlantic Salmon. 

His new book The Atlantic Salmon: Moody & Mysterious tells the story

I have been fascinated by the Atlantic Salmon for a long time.  I would follow the season in the NY Times when they used to cover outdoor sports on a regular basis.  Wealthy scions and powerful industrialists heading to the Canadian Maritimes to camps created to house them and serve their fishing needs.

I could never hope to be among them for a variety of reasons – but Jim Lorentz figured it out and in this well written book shares all he has learned as well as a few opinions, making it an even more interesting read.

Atlantic Salmon fishing is not something you do for a day, or a week, but for a lifetime.  It takes time to figure out this “Moody & Mysterious” fish, as Jim points out.  If you don’t have years to dedicate to the sport you will need to get this book.

“The more knowledge we have, the luckier we become” says Jim 

Salmon Flies

Everything you need to know is here: Fish life cycle and behavior, seasons, rivers, strategy and presentation; Salmon flies, of course, as well as advice that will apply to all of your fishing. “Stay within yourself” is one example that we all should take to heart. 

Its a big sport and you can’t do it all – but you can enjoy it all

If you are planning an Atlantic Salmon trip or would like to sometime in the future, you would do well to pick up a copy of The Atlantic Salmon, Moody & Mysterious by Jim Lorentz. (Published by West River Media –

Tight lines!

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