Between the Nor’easter’s

March 19, Connetquot – 

After a busy weekend and another successful LI Fly Fishing Expo (Thanks to Tony, Ken, Jeff, Chris, Stu, Mike’s R & P, and so many more) we are expecting yet another blow.  Our 4th Nor’easter in as many weeks.  The beaches are going away and the inlets are being rearranged.  Mother Nature at work. The good news is the effect on the Connetquot seems positive.  The river is running free and clear today although there is a new tree in the water at 15. 


The Long Island Fly Rodders held their monthly day in the Park and I joined them for the afternoon as did John F, Joe P, Bill S, Peter D, Mike P and Kenny A along with a few more.  It was a cold but beautiful day and the fish were more cooperative than they have been to date. They must know that Spring is coming soon. 

I went down to 9 and threw Quill Gordon’s at sporadically rising fish, not because there were any such flies on the water but rather to test the newly tied versions for float-ability.  I was pleased that a couple of good sized fish came up, broke the surface, but refused the flies. 

Quill Gordon

The end of 9 is a peaceful place and walking further downstream is even quieter.  The stream opens up to a wide shallow run, ideal for duck hunting, I am sure.  I worked the edges and some woody debris without any reactions. 

Walking down to 8 turned out to be longer than I wanted to hike, so I returned to find Joe Pepe unhooking his 6th fish at 9.  He has the touch! A Gold Ribbed Hares Ear was doing the job for him.

Mike Postol gave me another one of his creations which I tied on and drifted in the water above the sluice, jigging it as he suggested, but a fellow had just worked the pool over and they had lock jaw.  The pool needed a good rest but the time was late so I headed upstream as John joined Joe.

Bright blue skies, cool but invigorating. So fortunate to have so many good friends and such a beautiful place. 

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