Bird Island Blue

October 14 – Northport – Saturday – 

Dennis and I were planning to go out at night on Wednesday but the tide and the winds just didn’t make it worthwhile so here we are fishing a rainy, windy Saturday. I picked him up at the town dock and he provided the breakfast – coffee and egg on a roll.  We fished from Scudder to Cow Harbor where multiple friends have told us to expect 15 pound blues. There were two guys in a john boat working the grass and a guy on shore who hit a modest striper as we were drifting. 

I tried to set the anchor so I wouldn’t have to be jockeying the boat constantly but it didn’t take and we drifted toward the john boat.  I apologized to the guys and went to reset.  We were directly off of the shore fisher.  He starts complaining that we are anchoring right in front of where he is fishing (maybe 75 yards away) and I understand his feelings.  I was going to explain that once I drop the anchor the boat will be 100 feet further back but decided to just move as his rant continued.  It’s okay, I understand.

I asked Dennis where he wanted to try and he said “Where we got the bunker the last time.”  I dropped anchor and we both fished it for a while.

We moved back to the beach at Scudder and ran into Mark from Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle with a couple of sports who were hoping the rain would stop.  He said the fish were busting at 5 am. Oh well. 

Then we took a ride around Bird Island (which is where we caught our only Bluefish while trolling a popper) and then up to the Vanderbilt and out to the point. 

We located a spot out of the wind and rain on the west side and worked it a bit but by then we were wet and cold and tired. I dropped him off and headed for the mooring. 

The best thing about this day is I didn’t lose any more lures!