Book Reviews from Amazon on How to Fly Fish for Trout: The First Book to Read

A must read for beginners! January 10, 2014 by James R. Rennert

I have had the pleasure to have fished with Tom McCoy. His calm and patient approach on the trout stream will transfer to those who wish to learn the contemplative art of fly fishing. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever driven past a river and saw someone standing in the middle of it, casting a long line gracefully through the air, and thought “I would like to try that.”
Jim R.

Great for beginners. March 22, 2014 by Bill B.

This is a great book for beginners. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning the art of fly fishing. I especially appreciate the real life stories in the back that reinforce all of the concepts.

Best book for beginners. March 3, 2014 by Love Skype

Tom McCoy puts fly fishing in the right perspective for beginning fly fishermen. Equipment and techniques are explained and illustrated in very effective style.



Excellent! March 25, 2014 by Mary Lou Defilippo

A clearly written, enjoyable ‘how to’ book for those hooked on the sport of fly fishing! Author, and avid fisherman, Tom McCoy, does not disappoint!



If you’ve ever thought about fly fishing…, February 8, 2014 by John P. McCoy

Tom has an easy going approach that brings you into the world of fly fishing. His tips and suggestions will guide you to success on the stream.



Great first book for the beginner (or better) on fly fishing. November 13, 2014 by Joe Odierna

I have fished with Tom for years now and I must admit, this book is exactly how Tom approaches fly fishing himself. When out on a stream or on the shoreline, he is calm cool and collected. Tom never tells you what to do, but advises, recommends, and most definitely helps. He is VERY supportive. And this book is no exception. Tom is the first to remind you that fly fishing isn’t always about catching fish, but the entire experience you get in being in the great outdoors. I will always be thankful to Tom for teaching me to enjoy the fishing trip, not just the fishing. The beginner as well as more experienced people who want to improve their fishing techniques, will enjoy and learn from this fine book.


Must have for your fly fishing library. July 2, 2014 By Glen Zarboni

Great book, easy to read and understand.



Not bad. May 16, 2014 by Steve Foster

As a new fly Fisher and mediocre bass fisherman, I am a bit more prepared for the rivers and streams in Pisgah. But my favorite of this book is its reminding me to just enjoy the spirituality of fishing and not so much the catching of fish. Good read



Enjoyable Read. January 17, 2015 by John Sappington

I was able to pick up a few techniques from Mr. McCoy, and I enjoyed reading his specific stories. I like how he was able to relay lessons, without being too clinical.

Inspiring and informative book for beginners, February 2, 2015 By Anthony Ertola

As a professional fly fishing instructor, I’m always on the lookout for new reference material to recommend to my students. When I picked up this book, I planned to scan through it to get a general idea of how the content is presented rather than reading through what I suspected would be a rather dry beginners level fly fishing instruction manual which the title seemed to suggest. I quickly went from scanning to becoming pleasantly engaged. Many books are too technical and uninspiring for the budding fly fisher. This book is different. Tom McCoy covers the necessary material like tackle selection, casting instruction, fly tying, and entomology in simple, easy to understand terms. He offers practical suggestions like a friend or mentor. He brings the stream to the reader describing his on-the-river learning experiences. Tom does a nice job of sharing the wonder and joy that trout fishing has given him in a way that I believe will inspire the novice to pursue this sport. He also discusses ethical issues such as catch and release, stream side etiquette, and habitat preservation. Tom includes stories of about fishing and friendships that have developed along his journey. He keeps the technical simple and conveys that fly fishing for trout is fun! If you are just getting started with trout fishing or if you want a gift for someone who is a beginner, this book is an excellent choice. Highly recommended!

Tony Ertola – IFFF certified casting instructor and NYS licensed fishing guide


How to Fly Fish for Trout, The First Book to Read