Book Reviews on Letters to Mack

Review by Bud Bynack of the Catskill Fly Fisher’s Guild: Click here


Letters to Mack is a treat. November 24, 2014 by Dave O’Connell

Letters to Mack is a treat. The letter format results in self-contained, bite-sized jewels. You can consume as many or as few as you like at a sitting. Tom’s exceptional gift is to put you in a specific place at a specific moment with short strokes: the flapping of a beaver’s tail, a mosquito buzzing in your ear, a large striped bass breaking the surface of Long Island Sound. If, like me, you enjoy fishing mostly as an excuse to be on the water there is plenty here for you. If you actually like to fish, there is that much more.

Passion and Connections to Fly Fishing, December 27, 2014 by Peter Dubno

Upon reading Letters to Mack, you get that heart-warming feeling about just how deeply good friends can touch you. If you love fishing and especially fly fishing, you’ll have a solid connection to the letters written by a very passionate man for his sport. Easy reading and a big smile are both part of this book. For a look into a fellow angler’s soul you should get a copy. I couldn’t put it down.

“The one you’ll want to read,” December 1, 2014 by John Fischer

If you enjoy stories that inspire the outdoor experience than Tom’s new book “Letters from Mack” is the one you’ll want to read. I totally enjoyed his book that spans coast to coast and cover to cover, the endearing adventures of a fly rodding, hiking and nature loving bon vivant, Tom captures his sporting life escapades in snippets of well told letters between friends.

You will look at fishing in a new light after reading this book. January 31, 2015 By Tom LoProto

Just finished reading Letters to Mack, twice. A great read. The author has a knack for making you feel like you were right next to him as he described his adventures and travels. As I read this book, I was amazed how many emotions the book brought out in me. Just picked up a copy of Book Two.



Not just about fishing. An outdoor enthusiast! November 13, 2014 by  Joe Odierna

Enjoyed every letter! True stories from one friend to another. It is amazing how many details the author can put into each story. A true outdoorsman! Thanks Tom for a wonderful book. Can’t wait for the next one…


If you have ever had a very best friend throughout your growing up years this book will …, October 31, 2014 by Mary Lou DeFilippo

If you have ever had a very best friend throughout your growing up years this book will warm your heart. The connection between Tom and his buddy, Mack, holds universal appeal.


Tom’s letters bring you into the wonder and enjoyment of being in the great outdoors, January 11, 2015 by John P. McCoy

Tom’s letters bring you into the wonder and enjoyment of being in the great outdoors. He shares with the reader his adventures and poignant personal stories.


…the book is much more than a wonderful descriptive and inspiring account… December 26, 2014, by Joe Pepe

I have had the pleasure of knowing and fishing with Tom McCoy. I met him through the Long Island Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Tom McCoy is an avid and capable fisherman, and outdoorsman. Tom has a gift with words. He uses his gift in Letters to Mack. The book reveals much about Tom’s Irish upbringing, his experiences through his childhood teen and adult years. The book is much more than a wonderful descriptive and inspiring account of Tom’s fishing trips on the Esopus, the San Juan, the Delaware, the Ausable and other rivers. The book will bring you back to your own youth, when days were carefree, filled with good clean fun and adventure. The book will ignite recollections of life that have been long forgotten. Tom achieves all this through the wonderful descriptive letters to his lifelong friend Mack. The book will also ignite a desire to gather your fishing gear, call a friend and hit a local or perhaps a distant river. It is a delightful read.


 Letters to Mack, Book One: Correspondence on a Fishing Life