Caleb Smith is Fishing Well

September 12, 2020

I have it on good authority

…that there are fish to be caught on Beat 3 through 7, upper 7 anyway. 

The Park had a good rest thanks to the hurricane.  It gave the fish a chance to acclimate and spread out making them a bit feistier than those freshly stocked, dumped in at #4. Hopper did well as did the Woolly Bugger in the deeper holes. My sole stream-mate did well on ants.

Beat #3, #4 and #5 are well stocked.  #2 is tougher, the warm water from Stump Pond fighting with the cool spring water.  The average temperature of the river is 69 degrees, but the springs are at 64, or so, as they merge. 

#6 needs to be fished

…from afar and with a dry or terrestrial due to the grass, but there is at least one big girl in there. #7 has less weed and more fish. Lower 7 and 8 have been altered a bit by the hurricane and fishless for me, although I know I put a few over the weir this season. I didn’t bother to look at #9.

The pond platforms are all surrounded by weed except for #14  and the canal leading to it.  There are footballs coasting back and forth for you to figure out.

Give them a call and reserve a spot. 

I believe they close next month.

Joe’s 22 inch Rainbow