Conny in June, Beats 9 & 12

June 4, 2020

Thursday morning session at Connetquot. 

9 fishers waiting, I was #8, Joe was #2.  We took beats 12 and 9. There was fog on the water as we walked.  Very peaceful, very green.  Lots of fish apparent and many rising and fin-ing.

I go to 9 and work slowly from the dock. Have a refusal or two to the new fly Joe gave me. Put on some new tippet making the leader 11 -12 feet long. 5x. I switch to an Iris Caddis, nothing.   A hackle-less emerger in green that Joe ties is next, nothing; a small March Brown Emerger with shuck. Nada.  Back to the Joe-Stack, this time with a trailing Pheasant Tail nymph, but got into a tree right away.

My shoulder is beginning to fatigue even though I am taking my time. Put the Iris Caddis back on and worked a few visible fish before walking up to Joe.  It’s about 11:30 and I see no need to push the shoulder or the energy level. He had a great day on nymphs with lots of Rainbows and Brookies – of all sizes. 

Iris Caddis

He lets me walk his beat from the dock on 12 up to 13 and I put the Iris Caddis over a small rise – Bam.  Fish on.  Not skunked after all, not that I was particularly worried about it.  The interesting thing is that it is a Brown trout.  About 8-10 inches.  A beauty – but they don’t stock Browns here any more.  Natural!  Special. 

Joe set up on 13 since the guy left early and is into a fish that puts him into the weeds. The watercress, or whatever it is, is taking over the river.  The fish snagged in there and broke him off.  We walk up to 16A on the way out and each took a shot.  Nothing for me but Joe got some attention.  It was a nice morning on the river.

My stamina is weak probably from so little activity over the last year between injuries and now Covid restrictions; the recently repaired shoulder did not like all the casting.  I need to rethink what to do next time.  In fact, I was having some thoughts of there not being a next time – for a while, but I will probably get over it.

Joe dipping into 16A