Conny morning on beat 16

July 2, 2020 – Connetquot

I took the early session and got to the gate at 7:30. 

Two guys were standing by the booth having already parked their cars. When the lady came at 7:45 she scolded them for skirting around the closed gate and not waiting in their cars.  At first it looked like they were going to get back in their cars, but she let them off the hook and they waited as she opened the booth and got ready for her day.

When I pulled up she smiled at me. Later when I was checking in, I asked if she needed my license. She said “I know you” making me feel pretty good to be a part of this Connetquot community.  I took beat 16 as it is the closest and didn’t want to be walking too much on a hot day. The other fellows took 14 and 12.

I worked the whirlpool for a while with a Joe Stack and no one was looking up.  Not only that, but there were no fish in sight.  That is unusual.  After a bit I worked it from downstream and finally saw one fish move, not towards my fly. Maybe they have been fished out.  Maybe they are slowing the stocking with this hot weather.  Maybe they moved downstream.

I insisted on continuing with dry flies, an Iris Caddis next.  Nothing.  About 2 hours in I put on a green Woolly Bugger and had a small but lively rainbow.  I moved down to 15 and had another. I sat and ate my PBJ, cleaned off my drying patch which was full from previous trips.  I had seen a large caddis, like an over-sized Grannom, earlier.  When looking in my fly box I saw I had a Hornberg that kind of resembled it in size and color.  I sat on the dock and drifted it down to now rising fish close the bank below me.  It was a long drift with a short rod and too much slack which helped the presentation but not the hook set.  I got him to come up 3 times before I gave up. It was fun!


Worked my way back up and saw that fish I know who always lies out in the open just below the overhanging tree. He was moving back and forth. 

I put on a Sparkle Dun and he didn’t care.  A Usual. Nope.  A Black Nosed Dace – this one I can maneuver into his lie and tease him into a bite, I thought.  Not today.  I moved further upstream and had a good one on the Dace but lost him.  By 11 I was pretty tired, especially my shoulders.  Well, the rest of me too.  Just not in shape I guess.  I fished 16A a bit and then headed for home before the session was over, not like me.

At home after a tick check by Sue (I have had two this year so far) and a hot shower I napped for a bit.  My shoulders hurt the next day.  This sucks.  I told her I need to fish more to get back to where I was.  She said no more than once a week.  I argued “how can I get in shape going once a week?” So next week I am planning to go 2-3 times.  Chuck called for Tuesday, Jimmy Gilmartin called for Monday and was thinking about Caleb on Thursday…but I will probably only go once.  She is always right.