Contemporary Writers

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Bannerot, Longsworth & Rock –

Firsts: An Anthology of Angling Experiences, (2008), CFFCM (Stories)

Christopher Camuto

A Fly Fisherman’s Blue Ridge, (1990), Henry Holt & Co. (Stories)

John Cole

Tarpon Quest, (1991), Lyons & Burford (Stories)

Richard Dokey

Pale Morning Dun, (2004), U. of Michigan Press (Stories on life with a twist at the end of each that will surprise you.)

John Gierach – 

I have read most of them (Stories) but try: All Fishermen are Liars, (2014), Simon & Schuster

John Hersey

Blues, (1987), Random House (Stories)

Peter Kaminsky

The Moon Pulled up an Acre of Bass, (2001), Hyperion (Stories).

The Fly Fisherman’s Guide to the Meaning of Life, published by Rodale Press

Nick Lyons – 

Each one I have read has been a joy –

Try Seasonable Angler(1970), Funk & Wagnalls (Stories) –

Also Spring Creek, (1992), Atlantic Monthly Press

Thomas McGuane (Stories): 

Nothing but Blue Skies, (1992), Houghton Mifflin; 

The Longest Silence, (1999), Alfred A. Knopf; 

Gallatin Canyon, (2006), Alfred A. Knopf


James Prosek – 

Joe and Me, published in 1997 by Rob Weisbach Books, is a beautiful way to introduce a teen (or yourself) to the old ways of the outdoorsman and the wonder of taking a kid fishing.

Trout – published in 1996 by Knoph, this is a illustrated book of James’ trout art. Beautiful.

The Complete Angler – published 1999 by HarperCollins this is Walton illustrated: A Connecticut Yankee Follows in the Footsteps of Walton

A Good Day’s Fishing – published by Simon & Schuster 2004 – A children’s picture book on fishing

Fly-Fishing the 41st – published by HarperCollins 2003 – Amazing adventure fly fishing around the world for native trout

 James Rudaitis

Casts in the Wind – Fly Fishing Tales, (2009), CFFCM (Stories)

Chris Santella: 

Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die, (2004), Stewart, Tabori & Chang; 

Fifty Favorite Fly-Fishing Tales, (2006), Stewart, Tabori & Chang (Stories)

William G. Tapply – 

Trout Eyes, (2007), Skyhorse Publishing (Stories)

Lamar Underwood – 

The Greatest Fishing Stories Ever Told, (2000), Lyons Press (Stories)

Mark Usyk

Reflections of a Fly Rod – Mark is a new teller of stories and this is his first book. It puts you next to him in the stream or climbing a cell tower looking down on waters he hopes to fish later that day.  He writes well and there is truth in his style.  Give it a try.

Note to Reader:  If the hyperlinks don’t work try these booksellers or