Every fly fisher has a favorite fly, right? 

When David contacted me to ask what mine was I didn’t have to think for very long. I answered him immediately – and then began to have second thoughts, and third and fourth. There has to be more than one! Given the time of year, the location, the situation and the way I have evolved in our sport there are at least a dozen favorites in my box.

He said I have to choose one, so I went with the first.

You can read the story of my favorite fly in this new book coming December 2017 –  America’s Favorite Flies. With 656 pages and 1,700 images, featuring the favorite flies of 245 fly fishers, this hard covered first edition is truly an amazing book. Surely collectible with color photos, beautiful art work, personal stories and more than a few secrets – its all here in a limited first edition.

As you will see, there are many fly fishers of renown who have contributed, names we associate with the sport as well as dignitaries from other fields who have enjoyed time on a stream, fly rod in hand. I hope to have as many of them as I can find sign my copy. As the author of How to Fly Fish for Trout, The first book to read and Letters to Mack: Correspondence on a fishing life, I am humbly grateful to be included.  

All of us – the contributors, editors and designers – have donated our work, time and energies to this project allowing 100% of the profits to go to two organizations that help make our waters and fisheries healthier. You get all this book offers and simultaneously help the rivers.

The book makes for a great holiday gift for the fly fisher in your life, click here.

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America’s Favorite Flies