Father’s Day

Father’s Day, the day I thank the man who took me fishing.

On November 22, 1969 Dad turned 49. Two days later he was dead. I was 22 and my first son turned 1 that day.  It is something that you don’t recover from, rather you incorporate it into your life, your story. It is just another event, another fact that is you.

I still wonder what it would have been like to have a dad to go to about being a dad. The truth is we didn’t have a great conversational relationship.  Plus it was 1969, a seminal year of that decade and all those to follow.

Dave O’Connell sent me another digitized 8 mm film of us romping on the beach at Wildwood where we camped with the Heyden’s. That is the one thing that stands out, a love for the outdoors, fishing, hunting and camping, fathers and sons.

Thanks for that Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.

The man who took me fishing
The man who took me fishing