Father’s Day

That’s my dad.  He loved fishing and everything outdoors. He turned me on to a life filled with friends, adventures and fun. We caught my first trout together on Catskill Creek and he introduced me to the Beaverkill. Thanks Dad.

June 19th is Father’s Day – it is not too soon to be thinking about what to get him, and the other fathers in your life.

Socks, handkerchiefs and neckties are out, in case you were not aware. A Porsche, new boat or wilderness cabin would be nice but probably out of your price range. How about chipping in with your siblings and get him a 6 day trip to Belize for two? Hey, I am just trying to help!

Okay, here is a realistic gift that you can probably afford, and that just may give him more pleasure than any of the above – A good book.

A good book will transport him to places he may not be able to visit, make friends with folks he may never meet, and, just maybe, help his fishing be a bit more fun. Plus, you get to inscribe a note to him that he will have forevermore.


Please check out the Reading Room for lots of choices. Of course, I would like you to get  him the Letters to Mack series which is a trilogy of true fishing stories on both fresh and saltwater. They will take him from the Catskills to the Adirondacks, Montauk to Montana and Pulaski to Islamorada – Trout, Tarpon, Stripers, Steelhead and so much more.

There are many books by my favorite authors listed as well – Jerry Kustich, Rob Romano, Kathy Scott and more.

Around the Next Bend

Brook Trout Blues

Brook Trout Forest

Order a few today so you have them on time and wrap them up with a gift certificate from his favorite fly shop to sweeten it up. Click here for a list of shops.

Happy Father’s Day to all!


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