Find some, lose some

October 12 – Thursday – Northport –

Hobart Beach. I was not planning on fishing.  Took a day to catch up on errands and chores as well as to relax.  I was working on my website – classifying all the photos in my media library in preparation for updating the Fish & Friends page.  Just closed it somewhat bleary eyed when Sue came down to visit. Then my cell phone rang. 

It was Dennis – “Just caught a 10 pound Blue by the flag pole!”  “I will be right there,” was the reply as I hung up.  Sue gave her blessing and I was next to him in 2 minutes …and had a fish on not long after.

I got him and then he got me!

I was using a popper with two sets of trebles, barbs crushed.  The Blue was a lively one running the drag and taking off when I tried to bring him into shallow water.

On the beach I took the pliers to the hook and he jumped out from under my foot and the forward treble ended up in my index finger, luckily on the fleshy top. I called to Dennis  “I need help!”   He looked at me probably thinking it isn’t all that big a fish. I had him pull the hook out (thank goodness the barb was crushed as the tail hook was so deep in his mouth I would have had to worn the fish to the emergency room.)

Once unhooked I could not get the swallowed tail hook out of the fish and he expired.  I gave him to Dennis who gives them to Bill who enjoys fresh fish.

I put another favorite plug, a silver and black wooden popper with a single tail treble, barbs crushed,  on the leader which was tied to the braid a week or so ago.  I trusted that both the braid and the knot were solid.  I cast out on the Sound side and was pop, pop, popping and stopping.  It was on the stop that a Blue took it sideways in his mouth and ran with it, launching into the air.

The hook didn’t set and when I brought it in there were teeth marks on the body of the plug.  It was so cool to have that happen I wanted to take a photo of it but didn’t.  Something told me that I should have.  I worked the area some more with no luck, although Dennis got another.

I went to the mooring side and was casting.  Over by the POENB beach there were fish blitzing.  I watched and they stopped.  A while later they hit again, in the same area.  Dennis is saying to go but it is a walk and by the time I get there they will undoubtedly be down again, but I went. 

I threw a few casts and then they came up again, at the edge of my range.  I worked them a few times and then waited.  While waiting I inadvertently pulled the leader into the tip top.  I took the time to pull it back out.  When they came again I flipped the lure and it kept going. NUTS! I can’t believe I lost another great lure, even when being careful about the leader. NUTS Again!

With a stiff wind out of the east, the tide still coming in, I had hopes that it would wash up. 

I have checked the likely spots along the beach 3-4 times since and nothing.  It is the way of the lure finder.  You find them because someone loses them. 

This time it’s my turn to be the loser.