First Brookie for the New Guy

June 3 – Connetquot with PHW

A nice day, cool but not cold

…with low humidity.  The river is very full.  Deeper than I ever remember it.  One wonders if they raised the dam. I fished with Dave and Dan.  Dan landed the first fish – a good size rainbow on #16 with a brown woolly bugger. We worked 16 and 15 and then walked downstream.

Dan Mackin

Tom Casey came walking out, good to see him.  Headed home early.  Another Dave came out ahead of him and we chatted.  

Long Island Flyrodder Tom Cooney is guiding Dave MacBrien who is new to the PHW group and the sport.  He has him put on a green mop fly (a very effective fly here) and is walking him through the process of becoming comfortable with the fly and rod. Its only his second time on the water with PHW.

We see some nice fish nosing up the spring

…where the bridge crosses it above 13, the high water turning the usual trickle into some good holding water. I have caught a few small brookies in this water over the years, but these are of good size. After a bit we decide to push on downstream.  Tom and Dave are at 13 working the new water pattern created by the improvement to the diversion rocks thanks to Idle Hour Flyfishers. As we march on down to 11 and 10 there is yet another Dave on 12. So many Daves!

Killer Fly – the Green Woolly Bugger in Olive

Dan’s fish

…is the only one of the day so far, although there are plenty of fish in the river. I have some luck on 10 with a green woolly bugger after I had a hit on a sunk Joe-stack. Dan caught another one above me. Our Dave is working the water well waiting for the fish gods to smile.

Dave Pechota

Tom and Dave came by,

fishless on 13. It is tough being new and this is a tough day.  I went with them down to 9 to show Dave a few spots I have had luck at as he works on his casting.  He is getting there.

He had a hit and a few spooked from the weeds so he kept fishing. One porpoised right in front of his fly which brought renewed hope. Tom is watching from the dock but soon joins us casting a good line under the trees.

11:30 came too soon

We all paraded out with Tom and Dave leading, respecting the park rules.   At the spring bridge Dave saw those fish again and just had to take one more shot. Tom encouraged him and stood by.

A hit – a big hit.  A spring brookie is giving him a good fight.  He holds up his head as Tom goes in to net him, the deep water already having filled Dave’s hippers. A nice fish – a Connetquot Brookie – his first! 

Dave MacBrien

A Great day – Just ask Dave!

If you are a veteran or know someone who is, why not give Project Healing Waters a try? Click the link to find a group near you.

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