First time on the Conny

October 7 – Saturday – Connetquot

I met Joe and Tom LoProto at the gate.  We took sites 13 and 14 as well as 20 which we didn’t fish.  The guy on 12 left early so we had that as well. Plenty of water and plenty of fish.

Tom had never been to Connetquot before so I gave him a Woolly Bugger and an Iris Caddis.  Joe gave him a few flies as well. He is smiling. 

His smile grew as he landed his first fish on the caddis.  He went on to have a 5-6 fish day and Joe had at least 4. I was hit but skunked.  Mostly from a lack of attention, flies in trees, knots in leaders and such. 

Tom’s first day on the Connetquot

I also fished areas I might not usually fish and fished flies I don’t usually use, but that is no excuse.  Bill O’Brien gave me two beautiful sculpin flies and Bill Smith had posted a tying video for a rust colored deer hair wing/tail fly with a foam wing case.  I tried the sculpin first and had to fish it blind under a new fallen tree and two others. Had I gotten a hit it would have been improbable that I could have landed the fish. 

Bill O’Brien Sculpin

Smith’s fly was next and I moved to the hole on 13 where everyone catches fish.  I drifted it a few times and it sunk into the surface film as I used the wrong hook and it was too heavy.  No hits.  I clipped it off and it dropped into the river.  I watched as it moved downstream.  A fish took it.

So anyway I kept on trying – perhaps too hard.

It was a beautiful morning on a wonderful river with two good friends – first-timer Tom said he will be back.

Connetquot State Park is open for fishing all year.

Iris Caddis