First week of April

April 3Connetquot – 

The weather is dicey and I think about going back to bed and then say “What the heck.” I look on the traffic channel and the roads are all good. I went fishing.  Took beat 15 and worked from lower 16 to upper 14.  Connetquot River State Park.

New configuration on beat 15

It’s a cool damp day. There are only a few guys on the river. One at 16, the others are downstream.  I hit a few rainbows and brookies with an over palmered Green Woolly Bugger I tied up with extra weight.  I fished it like Mike had suggested, bouncing it on the bottom like a jig.  It worked. Had a nice one on at the hole by the dock on 15 – real good one.  A few jumps and a run downstream, then he came back but turned into the bank. He eventually ran me into the brush and was off.


I tried a new nymph I tied

A gold ribbed hares ear with a fuzzy head and bead.  It wasn’t heavy enough for the run I was on.  Didn’t sink enough.  Put on Mike’s Black Beauty.  I want to catch a fish on it and send him the photo but it has yet to produce for me – not the fly’s fault you understand. I think I am being too careful with it as I don’t want to lose it.

I pick up two more brookies and head up to the top of 16 as the fellow has left. I hit a nice jumping rainbow, real fighter with the Bugger and we played for a little bit, then off – good release.  I snagged, unintentionally, a very big rainbow – 20 incher. Unhooked her in the water.

Now I see fish rising

In the foam that always forms in the center of the whirlpool.  I take off the Bugger and put on a Joe-Stack. I flip it into the foam and get a fish on the first cast, decent brookie.  I cast again, and then again.  Nice brookies.  2 more like that and the fly is a mess and sinking.  I try to dry it (it is time to go) and flip it again.  It sinks and I have a fish on.  Then again.  Amazing.  (I know they are podded up and recent hatchery put in’s, but still, the Joe-Stack rules!)

Well used Joe-Stack

On my way out I check with Hunter about fishing tomorrow.  We are set for the Nissequogue at Caleb Smith, 10:30 – 3:30, beats 6 & 7.  It will be good and cold but no rain.  Time with my Grandson, what could be better?

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