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Chapter 15 in Letters to Mack 2: Correspondence from Montana to Montauk is titled “Montauk on a Fly” and details the amazing day pictured above.

Here is how it starts:

Montauk in October is nirvana but I had an opportunity to share a charter with a friend who had a reservation in September. The guide assured him it would be a great time to go, as long as the hurricanes stayed away.

Last year we tried but ended up heading back to bed after an early morning call that the seas were unfishable due to storms.  That day Paul made the reservation for September 24, a year ago. Guides, the good ones, tend to be booked in this season.

I was up at 3 AM and headed out East to meet Paul and Robin, our guide, at the West Lake Town Ramp. I pulled into town at 5:30 and Mr. John’s Pancakes wasn’t even stirring yet. I went to the deli across from Gosman’s dock that caters to fisherman and other early risers and got some breakfast. Before I could wolf down my egg sandwich the cell phone rang.  It was Paul. He was at the Exxon in town.

We arrived at the dock followed shortly by Robin and his 23 foot center console with a large Yamaha four stroke. Amazing how quiet it ran. He said he can leave it on as he approaches a school of fish without disturbing them.  With wind and a 6 foot swell predicted, I was thinking he won’t have to worry about sneaking up on any schools today…

A Montauk Albie on a fly

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