Fishing Journal – April 10-11 in the Catskills

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center‘s Legends Dinner was Friday and Frank Kuttner, long time fly tier and shop owner, was being honored so Chuck Neuner and I decided to go.  I went up earlier hoping to wet a line. The rivers were high, cold and brown with runoff.  I figured I would head upstream and find some clear water, which I did (see photo) – Colder, snow banked water which I sat in the car and looked at for a good long time before deciding that the smarter thing to do was to go check-in early and rest up for dinner.

The affair was a lively one with A.E. Hendrickson and local artist, Francis Davis, also being honored. A good time was had by all and they raised a few bucks for the Center.

Saturday was the West Branch Anglers Come Hell or High Water event where Tom Rosenbauer opened the day with a talk on his upcoming book on fly selection followed by the NYS Trout Unlimited Women’s Initiative presentation.  Lee Hartman and I sat by the door greeting all who came and hawked our books in a gentlemanly fashion.  Lee’s is a fascinating tale of opening Salmon Fishing in Russia titled Trails in a Wild Frontier – Kola Peninsula, Siberia Kamchatka.  Please check it out.  Lee is a Delaware River guy – and retired guide – who works tirelessly with FUDR to maintain and improve the river and the fishing on the Delaware.

I looked at the rivers again as I was leaving and they had slowed down a bit and the brown muddy tone was beginning to show a little green.  I could even see a few rocks on the bottom in some places – but with a 39 degree water temperature I kept driving. Be back soon.

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