Fly Fishing the Surf

Angelo and I had lunch recently

and he gave me a copy of his book Fly Fishing the Surf. He said it might come in handy with my boating days now limited to invites from friends. He is an avid beach fisher and has put together this complete guide on how to do it with a fly rod.

I got my first saltwater fly rod in 2004. 

A 9 foot, 9 weight Orvis T-3, tip flex. I wanted it for steelhead and salmon but figured I could use it on the salt as well. There is a story of my first casts in Letters to Mack. I wish I had Angelo’s book back then.

A Montauk Albie on a fly

Since those early casts

I have learned how to use the rod through trial and error, with some help from friends and guides, in the LI Sound and off Montauk, from a boat. One time I brought it to the beach but was not equipped with a stripping basket and found that the casting distance, when compared to the conventional surf rods, was paltry. 

What Angelo knows

and what he generously offers in this book is that those paltry casts just may be the best way to catch some amazing fish. He goes on to explain what to look for, when to go, and more: tackle and tactics, fly lines and flies. Lots of photos, in color. He even provides descriptions of the fish and lists locations from Maine to Florida where you just might hook up.

A very comprehensive,

easy to follow guide to get the beach fly fisher going.

I am anxious to get out there and give this beach fishing with a fly rod a shot, and thanks to Angelo, I think I just might get lucky.

Get yourself a copy and join me!

Fly Fishing the Surf by Angelo Peluso
My friend Angelo Peluso's books on fly fishing and his novel Mount Misery
Angelo Peluso’s books on fly fishing and his novel, Mount Misery