Fly tying with friends

Its January. Its cold out and, although there are a few fishing opportunities, in my opinion it is better to let the waters rest until spring – well March anyway. 

I fill my time up without much trouble.  I am reading a few good books, fishing and otherwise.  Holy Water by Jerry Kustich, River King by Bob Romano, and how about the USA Trilogy by John Dos Passos. Fascinating writing and a look into life at the turn of the 20th Century – most amazing is how little things have changed (check your library). 

But these are solo activities, not social, and one of things I love about being a fisher is that I get to be with interesting people who enjoy what I enjoy. 

Dave Flanagan showing how to do it at Campsite
Dave Flanagan showing how to do it at Campsite

I have a fly tying desk in my man-cave and it has everything I need to tie up a few Sparkle Duns, Woolly Buggers and Hendricksons; Clousers, Deceivers and poppers.  I put the radio on and send photos of my progress to Joe who sends me his, but it is barely social.

Not to worry – there are alternatives.

Campsite Sport Shop, River Bay Outfitters and the Art Flick Chapter of TU each have tying sessions you can join.  You will not only learn a few new flies but also get to chat with some fellow fishers – maybe even make some plans for when the weather breaks. 


Bob's Poppers
Bob’s Poppers

So don’t be shy – give it a try. You don’t need to even know how to tie – these folks will walk you through the process. Click the links above and give them a call – or just show up and watch for a session or two – everyone is welcome. 

In the meanwhile, click here for a few good books.

Fly tying at Riverbay Outfitters
Fly tying at Riverbay Outfitters