Friends of Connetquot

October 9 – Friday

Chuck and I went last year and had a good time so here we are again at the Annual Friends of Connetquot Outing. The invitation from Joe Mikulas and Ed Kelleher offered a day fishing the Park without restriction and a delicious lunch provided by the Snapper Inn – what’s not to like?

The Friends raise funds to supplement the Park’s budget and lend a hand with projects that make it a better place for all of us.

This stocked fishery, not 50 miles from the heart of NYC, is where so many of us honed our fly fishing skills. Formerly The Southside Sportsmen’s Club, it became well known as a fishing mecca with an extraordinary number of fish drawing trout fishermen from far and wide since it first opened to the public in the mid 1970’s. The Park fell on hard times a few years back, troubled with issues that needed to be addressed; the fish populations had to be brought way down and the hatchery closed.

This year, thanks to the efforts of Friends of Connetquot and others, the stream has been restocked and the new hatchery is under construction.

As past posts in this blog attest, there are plenty of fish to be caught and, you will be surprised to find out, the fishing can be tough.  You need to bring your “A Game” if you want bragging rights on this stream. Stealth, fly selection, presentation and patience are all required to connect with these fish.

If you come, take a look at what you may find:

Connetquot Bow – Beat 15


Chuck with a backwater bow


Fat Rainbow on Beat 14


Rod and Golden Darter by Chuck Neuner

The fishing closes October 15th so you better hurry. Fishing opens again in late winter. Call the Park office for information: (631) 581 1005.

I joined the Friends last year and plan on renewing my membership every year from now on. Please take a look at all that they are doing and consider becoming a “Friend” yourself.

The Friends of Connetquot is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, conservation and continuation for future generations of the Connetquot River State Park Preserve. In order to maintain the environmental, ecological, cultural and historical integrity of the 3,473 acre preserve, the groups’ initiatives are:
◾To help preserve the pristine environment
◾To lend support to the management
◾To help support the fishing habitat, woodlands, flora and fauna, hiking and bridle trail facilities and the educational programs
◾To help protect and restore historic buildings
The Friends of Connetquot believe that the act of preservation is best accomplished when we keep an eye on the past, a foothold in the present, and our arms outstretched for the future.

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