From Margaretville to Pepacton

January 11, 2021

East Branch – Six years on a Catskill Trout Stream,

by Mitch Keller – Stackpole Books

I guess I am a kind of voyeur –

I really enjoy looking into the day-to-day lives of other fishers; to see the stream, and life, from their perspective.  Sometimes it is disappointing due how they tell their story.  Even then I get something out of the effort. In this case, I am happy to report, Mitch Keller is a writer and a good one, a pro.

I most enjoy those books about waters I know and have fished. 

I can visualize the places, the climate, the surrounding towns and people.  The East Branch of the Delaware is one of those places I especially enjoy from Downsville to Hancock.  But wait a minute. This guy is not talking about that East Branch.  His is much further upstream, water I have driven by on my way over the mountains and even may have stopped to look at a few times, but have never fished. 

I thought this might be a guide story

…with comments on the various sports he has had to endure, but I was wrong again.  Mitch likes to fish alone, in peace and quiet. I can relate to that. Although he has more than dabbled in the big rivers (and fish), he is happy with spunky less experienced trout in a more intimate environment.

So I had to buy the book and I am glad I did. 

Like Stephen Sautner’s book “A Cast in the Woods” it’s about a cabin too; not one he renovates for weekends but rather one he rents and lives a hermit-like existence in, through harsh Catskill winters, surviving on the Catskill economy (or lack thereof). 

It’s an adventure, a survival tale, which also introduced me to a new piece of water I am looking forward to exploring.

Thanks for sharing Mitch.