Getting Ready

2017 Fishing Journal coming soon!

I am looking forward to opening day. April 1st for trout – a bit later for stripers, fluke and so on. Sure, you can fish now in some rivers and the salty gang can go get some cod, but I like the tradition of April 1st.

April Fool?      Maybe.

Mongaup Creek

I am keeping busy going to LITU and LI Flyrodder meetings, tying flies, tackle organizing and the like. You can lend a hand at the river clean ups on March 25 – LITU is doing the Carlls and Art Flick TU the Carmans.

Check back in April for the first Journal entries of my trips. I have a bunch planned, like some early season Long Island creeks, a trip to Roscoe on April 8th for the Two Headed Trout Dinner, a cleanup by the LI Flyrodders at the CFFCM  April 22, a couple of Delaware Floats with Joe Demalderis in May with buddies Joe and Tom, and a few Bea-moc, Neversink, East and West Branch days – maybe more than just a few. A LIFR Farmington trip is not out of the question for June 23-5 along with the LITU Annual Outing at the Riverside in Horton June 9 – 11 (Tammy’s french toast is not to be missed). Make sure to attend the next LITU meeting to get in on that one.

And then there are those early season stripers and fluke. So be sure to tune in.

Huntington Striper thanks to Robin's coaching
Huntington Striper

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And if you are an early season guy or gal, send me a few photos of your fish so I can add them to the Fish and Friends Gallery. (Remember barbless hooks, keep them in the water and wet as you take your photo.) Send to or click on Drop me a line.

See you soon!


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