Good Samaritans

October 16 – Monday – Northport – 

With Gary at the top of the harbor looking for fish, birds, bait – something! I hear reports of big bluefish but have yet to find them. We keep trying!

Top of the Harbor and out of the wind

I give him a lure he likes and has had luck with before – a Gag’s Grabbers 5 inch. We tuck into the harbor and out of most of the wind but once in a while a blow comes through, moves the boat and alters the cast. His new lure produced a nice striper before it ended up in the grass.  The Grady can’t go in that shallow so we tie a float to the line and cut it loose, hoping to somehow retrieve it later.

There are two guys fishing in a flat bottomed boat across from us.  As they change position I hail them over, explain the situation, and ask if their boat can go that shallow.  They gladly take on the challenge and go to work picking up the float and following the line into the marsh. Mission accomplished, they bring the lure and the float over to us. Dominick and Kenny – thanks guys!

Dominick and Kenny – Thanks guys!

We stay on the spot for a while and then move several times, drifting and motoring as the wind dictates.  In 5 hours we have only the one striper, although our hopes remain strong that maybe on the next cast something will happen.

I drop Gary off at the town dock and head for home, the wind still blustery.  The water to the east of Duck Island has a glassy look – a small portion of it is out of the wind.  I go over and take a few casts with the fly rod and am rewarded with another schoolie.  Only two fish but a great way to spend a day – and we got to make 2 new friends besides. Who has it better than us?

In the glassy water