Holy Water

Some of us are just attracted to water more than others.  I have been that way for as long as I can remember.  The puddles in the unfinished streets after a rainstorm were oceans to me. Later the sumps or recharge basins as they were properly known. Then the lakes, ponds, springs and streams all within my  world to explore. The Catskill mountains and the mighty Atlantic.  Drawn to them all.

Jerry Kustich seems to have the same gene, if it is a gene. His waters were different, coming from the Niagara region and then heading west, and he took to it more completely than did I.  I know this from his books. 

Holy Water, Fly Fishing Reveries & Remembrances is his latest book and it does not disappoint. Fish tales, river adventures, how a book on steelhead got written and the story of a fly rod company – or companies; of life and loss, family and friends. A community coming together over a river; of multiple users with varying interests needing to  resolve the issues – or everyone loses.  Of hardship and perseverance, survival.

A good man and a good story. 

Get a copy, you won’t regret it. 

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