Book Review of How To Fly Fish


As a professional fly fishing instructor, I’m always on the lookout for new reference material to recommend to my students. When I picked up this book, my plan was to scan through it to get a general idea of how the content is presented rather than reading through what I suspected would be a rather dry beginners level fly fishing instruction manual which the title seemed to suggest.  I quickly went from scanning mode to becoming pleasantly engaged in reading.

Many books are too technical and uninspiring for the budding fly fisher. This book is different. Tom McCoy covers the necessary material like tackle selection, casting instruction, fly tying, and entomology in simple, easy to understand terms. He offers practical suggestions like a friend or mentor.  He brings the stream to the reader describing his on-the-river learning experiences. Tom does a nice job of sharing the wonder and joy that trout fishing has given him in a way that I believe will inspire the novice to pursue this sport.  He also discusses ethical issues such as catch and release, stream side etiquette, and habitat preservation. Tom includes stories of about fishing and friendships that have developed along his journey.  He keeps the technical simple and conveys that fly fishing for trout is fun!  If you are just getting started with trout fishing or if you want a gift for someone who is a beginner, this book is an excellent choice.

Highly recommended!

Tony Ertola

IFFF Certified Casting Instructor
NYS Licensed fishing guide

note: Tony is also the President of the Art Flick Chapter of Trout Unlimited.