Last Day on the Carmans – 2020

September 30, 2020 

This is the last day of their season

…so Chuck and I are here.  Tim joined us as well.  The place was empty. 

I thought there would be a crowd of Art Flick TU’ers getting in one more fish but if they came, it must have been this morning.  We met at 3 and went to Gate F.  Rising fish.

Chuck went up

…as I put on a new leader, then I fish down to rising fish.  Ant, October Caddis. No hookup.  He drove down to Gate E and I fish down to him.  Two small Brown’s for me; some Rainbows for Chuck on Golden Darter and perhaps a dry. 

Tim shows up

…but his reel is messed up and takes him some time to get straightened out.  By the time he is ready to fish, we move to Gate C wanting to fish a few spots, it being the last day and all.  Tim stayed and, as we found out later, had a fish on a sunk sulfur.

One of Chuck’s “Last Day” fish on the Carmans 2020

At C he fishes the quiet water

… and a number of fish come up, one a big brown that he manages to land mid-dam, sans net. I try to do the same and have 2 good hits, but no hook up. 

Tim Otero on C Dam Last day on the Carmans 2020

Tim comes and tries as well, but Chuck was the man tonight. 

It was a nice way to say “Good bye” to the Carmans for the year, this crazy year.