Letters to Mack: Correspondence on a Fishing Life

The cover of this book is deceiving. 

In fact there is no story within its pages that tells of catching these three monster fluke off the north fork of Long Island in the spring of 2002. 

The book is composed of letters sent to my friend Mack.  That’s him holding the biggest fluke.  Most of them are about my fly fishing and other adventures written so we could enjoy them together. I didn’t have to write him about this adventure because he was there.  In fact he was there, 2500 miles from his home, because he thought it was a good idea since I had just suffered a blow, a crippling (at the time) job loss.

He came immediately when he heard, without asking.

So I didn’t write that story and still don’t want to all these years later, but I did want to honor him with this cover photo and by naming the book for him rather than some fishing title which would have surely sold more copies.

Mack with a mess of stockies

It’s a memoir of a fishing life…

and a friendship that spans that life.  The stories are of fishing with a fly rod, as well as with other tackle, and of the outdoors, and of friends, and of places you would probably like to fish too: The Catskills, Adirondacks, and Long Island salt as well as a memorable trip to Durango and the San Juan.

I am a lifelong fisherman…

who loves to fly fish for trout but also enjoy all that the saltwater has to offer from my home base on the Long Island.

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Mack with a Midnight Plum Gut Bass