Meet JP Ross

December 4 – Monday – Connetquot – 

Project Healing Waters.  Most of the usual Flyrodders are upstate looking for steelhead on the Salmon River in Altmar with Paul McCain so the group was a little smaller than usual.  John Cosh let me try his JP Ross 6.5 4-5 wt. which was really nice.  A small rod with a lot of back bone.

I fished with Scooter Ed who drove to the end of 13 and then we walked to the top of 11.  There were fish – lots of them, but none too cooperative.  Ed has been at this for about a year and loves being on the stream and in the water.  He manages his line well and soon had the fly teasing some pretty amazing fish. He worked them with his self-tied version of a Woolly Bugger and then a Black Leech pattern.  In the end one fish was bumping into him but would not take his fly.  I had as much luck fishing just below him with my assortment of dries and emergers. I had a number of one-and-done lookers but no fish on.  The JP Ross rod did its part of the job so I kept trying.  Just as Ed decided to head for the cars I put on one of Joe Odierna’s Joe-Stacks and bam! – a feisty rainbow.

I follow Ed up the trail but he outran me with his four wheeler.  I stop at the bottom of 16 and put Joe’s fly to work.  Another good rainbow, this one even feistier.  I turn and work the back side of the whirlpool and have another. The flow of the water is bringing the fly directly to my feet and fish are there as well. The rod is great for in close strikes and I soon had another.

Fred came by and we both worked the top of 16 from the platform.  He had a new fly he designed and it quickly produced a fish, and then 2 more. 

It was a great day all around.  December and a day on the water without gloves –  you can’t beat that. Thanks again John for introducing me to JP Ross Rods.


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