Meet Mark…

Carp are Jerks

I figure Usyk is one of those guys you meet who didn’t always color between the lines, but somehow is making his way through life. In his case, fishing is his drug of choice although he is probably open to some smooth bourbon as well. I met him in Reflections of a Fly Rod, his first book.  Stories, opinions, commentaries on life; a collection of stories, I keep it near my reading chair and flip it open when I need a break. But he is more than that.

The title of his new book Carp are Jerks is a set up. I don’t like carp. I mean I guess I like all fish but I am not a carp fisher. Its very attitude grabbed me, challenged me to read something without fly or trout spelled out on the cover. It is a story told through a collection of tales.  It starts somewhere and takes you somewhere else, and it entertains and provokes along the way.

Those who fill their reading time with more of the same old stuff NEED to read Usyk.

Highly recommend.