More looking than casting

November 13 – Friday

Sunny but very windy.  Up to 35 mph in gusts with prevailing winds at 16. They began out of the south and came around to the west and soon will be from the north, bringing colder temperatures. Today it is 65 degrees.  On the Asharoken side, facing east, the wind is buffered by the land.

I hope for some season ending fish activity and head there with my surf rod.

It is beautiful and I am the only one fishing. A jogger and a walker come by, neither looking up.  I guess that is the drill on this beach. I have the Hopkins on and leave it on, working the surf and deeper sections. The birds are working over some fish, bait anyway, about 300 yards out.  It gives me hope that they may move toward shore on this falling tide.  Not likely, but maybe. I continue to prospect, walking up the beach as far as the rocks.

I see birds working inshore, further north, well out of my walking range since the tide is still in and the beach still flooded. I sit, fiddle with my terminal tackle clipping off about 2 yards and tying a fresh knot to the leader. The birds stay pretty much where they are.

I walk back very slowly, doing more looking than casting.  Every now and again a bird or two swoop by looking, as I am, for the fish. The wind is starting its turn and a few sporadic white caps trigger my instincts.  My subconscious says fish.  My second thought is wave.

Captain Rob Thompson reported that the Bass had pretty much exited Orient the other day so I still have hopes of them passing by. I see a fellow south of where I came on the beach casting to no particular target. I watch.  He quits a short time later; probably a resident getting some air. The off shore birds have left except for a flock of Loons and Cormorants, still diving for whatever remains from the bait pod.

I put the rod in the sand-spike and sit for a while.  I consider waiting for dark but the tide is dropping and the wind now disturbing the once sheltered calm.

It has not been a very fishy season but it has been a good one, as they all are.

Fishing, not catching. Remember?

More looking than casting
More looking than casting at seasons end

The saltwater is about done for me. I plan to go to the Nissequogue tomorrow for one last day fly fishing for trout. Then we have the long winter rest…unless I get the urge for steelhead. 2015 Fishing Journal.

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