I like some authors who write more than fishing books, although some of them were fishermen. Take a look:

Paul Hyde Bonner

The Glorious Mornings, Stories on Shooting and Fishing, (1954), Scribners;

Hotel Talleyrand, (1953) Scribners;

With Both Eyes Open, (1956) Scribners;

SPQR, (1952), Scribners.

Jack Finney

 Time and Again, (1970), Simon & Schuster

Robert Frost

Collected Works – or just any of his many published works and compendiums.

Ernest Hemingway

The Nick Adams Stories, (1925, 1955), Amereon House;

In Our Time, (1925, 1930, 1958) Scribners; and

Islands in the Stream, (1970), and all of his other books!

James Joyce

Dubliners, (1914).

James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy, (1993), Warner Books.