Mr. Blue

October 7 – Wednesday

Walter and I have been trying to get out fishing together since last spring.  He is a dedicated surf caster but wanted to try the fly rod and maybe catch some fish. We finally got together today and what a day it was – well, weather-wise any way. Beautiful, sunny, low seventies, light wind and you could see all the way to the Bronx. (Still crying about my Yankees.)

We hoped for some Striped Bass off the points on the fly rod. As usual, it took Walt a bit of practice to get the cast down with the 9 foot, 9 weight sinking line, but he did alright. When not even a snapper followed, we moved and changed to conventional tackle.

We tried the Lloyd Harbor jetty but nothing.  As we cruised out past Target Rock, the birds started to show up.  They were scattered and in small groups.  The reason was that the Blues were also scattered and chasing small, fast moving pods of bait. Not bunker but a silverside-like fish.

We did some running and gunning and were fortunate to catch this guy.

We worked the area to a fault and headed over to the east side of the Neck, out to 11B and over to 15, working our way back along Caumsett. Lots of blackfish enthusiasts out there, some bringing little ones over the side.  We continued searching for Bass or Blues, fighting fish.

Circling the inside of Northport Harbor brought us to an amazing amount of bait – large bunker, swirling and turning, then heading south.  There seemed to be something flashing under them, picking a few off from the bottom. We rigged accordingly but met with no success.

As we headed in we both agreed it was one beautiful day, and thank you to Mr. Blue for helping it along.

October Blue

Caught on a Hopkins tin with a green tail, he was the fish of the day – the only fish!

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