Need someone to go fishing with?

I guess all of us who have been around a while experience this:

A fellow you just met, or who you may have known for a while outside of fishing, asks if he can come fishing. Our response to those looking for an introduction to the sport is usually “yes, but.” 

I have enjoyed giving a good many new fishers some time over the years and hope to in the future. However, even as a retired guy, there are only so many days I can get on a stream and they are precious to me. From April through June is prime Catskill season and only God knows how many more of them I will be blessed with. I have certain patterns as well as people who are a part of that fishing and I treasure the time with them, not to mention a trip or two on my own to enjoy the solitude fly fishing for trout offers. 

So the “yes, but” is this – if you want to learn to fly fish I would love to help but if I have taken you before and /or you already have some experience and are just looking for someone to buddy up with – I may not be your guy. 

So here are some alternatives: 

The best way to increase your fishing buddies is to join some organizations and meet some other fishers. LI Trout Unlimited and the Long Island Flyrodders are two local groups that I highly recommend.  Both offer fellowship and fishing, trips and more. Here are some examples:

March 3 – Casting clinic at Connetquot River State Park – LITU

March 10 – Casting Clinic at Caleb Smith State Park  – LITU

March 17 – LI Fly Fishing Expo

April 14 – Multi session fly fishing 101 instruction – Friends of Connectquot

May 4-6 Natchaug River camping trip – LIFR

May 4-6 Pennsylvania Spring Creeks – LITU

May 19 – Housatonic canoe trip – LIFR

June 2 – Esopus River day trip – LIFR

June 4 – Peconic River canoe trip – LIFR

June 8-10 – Beaverkill Annual Outting – LITU

June 11-13 – Delaware River motel trip – LIFR

June 22-24 – Farmington River camping trip – LIFR

July 13-15 – Farmington River motel trip – LIFR

August 3-5 – Housatonic camping trip – LIFR

August 19 – Annual Picnic – LIFR

November 13-17 – Western NY Steelhead trip – LIFR

AND there is more – Check out Riverbay Outfitters for trips they are offering as well as activities the Art Flick Chapter of Trout Unlimited has planned. Stop in at Campsite and ask what’s up. 

If you are not a “joiner” you can always call a fly shop and hire a guide or pick up a copy of our guide to Long Island Spring Creeks and head out on your own.. 

You may also find these books helpful – click here.

Plenty of fishing and opportunities to meet folks to fish with.

With a little luck you may just meet some future life long friends to go fishing with every year – I know I have. 

Tight Lines!

Joe Odierna with a Spring time Brown on a nymph near Debruce