New Flyrodder

May 17, 2021 – Connetquot

Jason is now a member of LI Flyrodders and this is his first event, the monthly day at Connetquot, third Monday of each month.  We took the 12 to 4 session so he got to meet the members who were leaving the early session and those coming for the afternoon.  When we left he met the 4 to 8 group.  Instant immersion.  I had to remind him that everyone is “old” because the young members are at work.

We wadered-up and fished the lower beats in the river, 16 to 9; first time for him. Unlike most new fishers at this Park, he has now seen and fished every beat from 9 to 30 and it is only his 3rd time here. That is the benefit of club days (and membership in LIFR) when you can fish multiple beats. Next time we will fish 1 – 8 so he will be well oriented to this beautiful place.

He worked streamers – White, Black and Green Woolly Buggers (the Green connected) and a Black Nose Dace. For the first time he wore a vest with his own net and we went over how to play a fish.  Each time we go he adds another tool to his fishing tool box.

Jason with nice Rainbow

His first big hit was on 12 and she broke off at my surgeons knot. He eased up a bit on the next strike and fish in the net, nice rainbow. He fished solo most of the day which made it fun for both of us. At the end we were taking turns teasing fish off the dock at 15. 

It was a great day.

Connetquot Beauty