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Montauk - The Mecca of all Saltwater Anglers. A magic place, when it is on. This was the last week in September. We had scheduled this trip the year before but a hurricane caused us to reschedule. As you will see, it was worth the wait: So if you liked ... Read More

A book that makes you think

We are coming to understand that our fishing is deeply interwoven with everything else, the state of our environment and the attitude of our society towards it ... Read More

A Cast in the Woods

A Cast in the Woods is a new book by Stephen Sautner, author of Fish On Fish Off (find it in the Reading Room). I have a kinship with Stephen, even though we have yet to meet. We love similar things including fly fishing, although he is more of a ... Read More

Where to catch Trout on Long Island

Long Island Trout Unlimited has been producing a stream guide to our spring creeks for many years. This is the 3rd edition and has been updated with additional rivers, more detailed information on where to fish, a little history, and even QR codes to make it easy for you to ... Read More

Every fly fisher has a favorite fly, right? 

When David contacted me to ask what mine was I didn't have to think for very long. I answered him immediately - and then began to have second thoughts, and third and fourth. There has to be more than one! Given the time of year, the location, the situation and ... Read More

History of the Connetquot River

One Little River, The Story of the Connetquot River: Millionaire-Sportsmen’s Paradise; by Robert Graham Giffen, 2016 (Shires Press) I am a history buff, especially Long Island Gold Coast history. It all started with F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby and then E.L. Doctorow’s Loon Lake – actually it was before ... Read More


My good friend and childhood fishing partner, Dave O’Connell, just published his first book: Potage, A Cook’s Primer. I love the book (and Dave) and want to let all of you out there know about it. It's about much more than soup, so please read on. I had to think ... Read More

Shameless Self Promotion

My first book was not about fishing. Neither was my most recent one. They are more about living - but this is a fishing website so I will stick to the subject. How to Fly Fish for Trout, The First Book to Read was my first fishing book. I wrote ... Read More

Recent Reads & Friends

You can read the story of my favorite fly in this exciting new book – America’s Favorite Flies. With 656 pages and 1,700 images, featuring the favorite flies of 245 fly fishers, this hard covered first edition is truly an amazing book. Surely collectible with color photos, beautiful art work, personal stories and ... Read More

Who and How Books

A. K. Best– Fly Tying with A. K., (2008), Stackpole Books Hoagy Carmichael – Side Casts – Stories of Garrison, Bogdan and more including Long Island’s own Ed Fody;  A Master’s Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod –  in which Hoagy details Everett Garrison’s rod making Al Caucci and Bob Nastasi - Hatches; Meet the ... Read More

Where to go

Leonard M. Wright, Neversink (1991) Atlantic Monthly Press. The whole story. Ed Van Put, The Beaverkill (1996), Lyons & Buford Rick & Jerry Kustich - Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (1999), West River Publishing; Advanced Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (2013) Headwaters Books/Stackpole Books Lee Hartman - Trails ... Read More

Contemporary Writers

Note to Reader:  If the hyperlinks don't work try these booksellers or, Longsworth & Rock -Firsts: An Anthology of Angling Experiences, (2008), CFFCM (Stories)Christopher Camuto -A Fly Fisherman's Blue Ridge, (1990), Henry Holt & Co. (Stories)John Cole -Tarpon Quest, (1991), Lyons & Burford (Stories)Richard Dokey -Pale Morning Dun, (2004), U. of Michigan ... Read More

Vintage Books on Fly Fishing

I love old books and have a few... (the links may not always work due to the age of the books but you can always search for them. Try these booksellers.) Trout by Ray Bergman, (1938, 1976), Knopf Complete Book of Fly Fishing by Joe Brooks, (1958), ... Read More


I like some authors who write more than fishing books, although some of them were fishermen. Take a look: Paul Hyde Bonner - The Glorious Mornings, Stories on Shooting and Fishing, (1954), Scribners; Hotel Talleyrand, (1953) Scribners; With Both Eyes Open, (1956) Scribners; SPQR, (1952), Scribners. Jack Finney - Time ... Read More

Classic Fly Fishing Book Sources

You can search for new and old books on these bookseller sites: David Foley Books David Foley-Sporting Books 76 Bonny View Rd. West Hartford, CT O6107 The Angling Bookstore A helpful site for finding vintage books as well as some bargains ... Read More