New resource for vintage fly fishing tackle

A Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Classic and Contemporary Flyfishing Tackle and Accessories; A reference for collectors, flyfishermen and pickers

Whew! That’s a lot of title. I own a few books and catalogs that give me a view into the world that once was.  Advertisements and offers from innovators and artisans, retailers and fly shops that make up our fly fishing heritage.

I enjoy flipping through the pages, reading the copy, marveling at the prices – they seem so cheap until you factor in what a person made for a week’s work back then. As the author points out, a reel back then may have cost a day’s wages – and today the same can apply.

A Treasure Hunter’s Guide

Compiled and written by Jim Krul, edited by Tony Lolli with contributions from Steve Starrantino, Tony Lolli, Wayne Grauer, Fred Grafeld, Gary Siemer, Dana Gray and Jerry Girard.

It is written in the tone of a friend helping another figure out just what that rod he picked up at the garage sale is really worth, if anything. There are treasures of the wallet and of the heart and sometimes the two get confused. This resource can help figure it out.

With the assistance of a group of highly qualified professional dealers and collectors, Jim Krul has published this reference book to determine the value of rods, reels, and fly fishing ephemera for pickers, collectors and fly fishermen.

A Treasure Hunters Guide will answer many of your questions within its 151 pages and 561 photos with detailed descriptions.  It is in an  8 1/2 x 11″ perfect bound format, contains guidelines to help determine value with prices actually paid at  past Crossroads Angling auctions, combined with today’s trending and selling atmosphere.  This very informative book will provide valuable information for both buyer, seller and those interested in fly fishing tackle and accessories. 

The book was printed in limited quantities

It is available directly from the author. Cover price is $39.95 plus shipping but mention you saw it on Tom’s blog and the price is $30.95, a $9.00 savings! (Shipping and delivery is $5.00).  

Paypal payments can be sent to  To make other arrangements send an email to Jim at

Contact Jim Krul directly at 860-354-3140  – Tell him Tom sent you!

Jim Krul, Author of A Treasure Hunter’s Guide

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