New Year’s Resolution #1

YouTube, Film Festivals, Social Media all have filled our days with a head banging mass of stimulation but a book offers the opportunity to sit quietly, to reflect, to dream – sort of like fly fishing.

It seems there are fewer and fewer readers out there – readers of books anyway.  I don’t mean the “how to” or “where to” books, but those with the stories; the ones that follow in the footsteps of the great writers of angling literature who invited us into their lives and their adventures.

I have many of them listed in the Reading Room if you care to take a look – Robert Traver, Sparse Grey Hackle, Nick Lyons, Dana Lamb and some more contemporary like John Gierach, Jerry Kustich, Rob Romano, Fishy Fullum, Kathy Scott to name just a few.

Do yourself a favor and make a New Year’s resolution to investigate this treasure trove of fishing literature and the serenity of reading a good book.

To kick off your resolution I am lowering the price on all the digital versions of Letters to Mack – Correspondence on a Fishing Life to $2.99. Click this link which brings you to Amazon and select the digital/Kindle version and download it to your device or PC.  (You may have to download the free Kindle App which allows you to read Kindle books on any device.)

Then the next time you are waiting for an appointment, or have some time to kill in between tasks, you can open the book on your phone or tablet rather than the internet and drift off on a river with me for a while. Try it. You’ll like it!


Enjoy it and the many other books that are out there, especially now as we in the north await the coming of spring and the first mayflies.

May your 2016 be a happy, healthy and fishy year for you and yours. Peace

Tom's Fishing Stories

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